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Hi, I’m Scott. Husband, Father, Clockmaker.

Since childhood I have been obsessed with the inner workings of ‘things’. For as long as I can remember,  I have taken many ‘things’ apart just to see how they work; and now I’ve even learned to put them back together.

I didn’t discover clocks and watches until I was 23. I was given a mechanical watch for Christmas,  and as is my nature, I promptly took it apart to study its mechanism. Later that afternoon, and with some urgency,  I joined the British Horological institute to learn how to put it back together.

6 years on and I now manage Hampshire Clock Works, a clock workshop in the village of Twyford just outside of Winchester. In the interim years I have studied hard, practiced diligently and have told the story of my Christmas watch more times than I can count.

In my previous life, I studied aerospace engineering at college, and used my aerodynamics experience to get a spot at the University of Hertfordshire studying Motorsport technology, where I learned a lot about general engineering and the properties of materials.

As a Clockmaker, I have a job which satisfies everything I had ever wanted from a career, and encompasses a surprising amount of my previous knowledge.

I have my own workshop,  where I build and maintain mechanical masterpieces which were once on the leading edge of scientific discovery. I hammer, weld, file, sculpt and create small brass and steel parts on a daily basis, so that I can return clocks of huge sentimental value to their grateful owners. It is a genuinely satisfying job which I hope will last a lifetime.

In 2016, my life was made complete when I married Charlotte, inherited a stepson (James), and our daughter Leela was born in perfect health.

The intentions of this website are to share my passion for the subject,  and to make freely available to all, a thorough horological education which will complement the many available courses (my favorite being the BHI’s Distance learning course).

I intend to create a full searchable index of theory, repairs, case studies, explanations and plans, which anybody with any level of experience can follow, to restore,  repair or create clocks of their own.

Any recommendations or questions will be gladly accepted in the comments on any page, which I urge you to use freely.

Thanks for your time, and I hope you stick around to see what’s coming.

Scott Jeffery BSc. MBHI.